How To Care For Your False Eyelashes

Tips and tricks on how to care for your false eyelashes for a longer lifespan so you can wear more often everytime you want and need. Hope these simple tips and hacks will helps your life and always enjoy wearing lashes. 


DO NOT Soak on Micellar Water 

Soaking the lashes on micellar water to clean your false eyelashes will ruin the hold of the lash bands to the fibrous hairs and it could be unable to reuse.

Instead, use a cotton swab and micellar water to glide through the lash bands to loosen the hold of the adhesive attached. After a couple of seconds, use a tweezer to gently pull the adhesive attached to the lash bands until it appears to be wearable. 

You can also use the cotton swab method soaked with micellar water to clean the fibrous hairs from mascara or any type of product that may be present and are unwanted. Swipe the soaked swab away from the lash band, repeat until desired.


DO NOT use Oil Cleanser

Do not use oil cleanser when you're trying to take off your false eyelashes. This will deteriorate the hold of the lash band to the fibrous hairs and will be unable to reuse. 

We suggest to take off your lashes first with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water. This will losen the adhesive that is attached to the skin of your eyelids. After a couple of seconds, gently peel off the lashes from one end. 


After use, place back to tray

Did you know that the curve shape of the trays that the lashes were displayed on in its own packaging when receiving your new lashes help keeps the lash bands to its curvature shape? 

After using or cleaning the lashes, use the tray given in the packaging to place back the lashes to its curvature shape. It will be easier next time when you use it to apply on your eyelids.

Next time, keep those trays in hand.



Now that you know the secrets to looking after your lashes, dont tell anyone.


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