About Us

Dear Reader,



My name is John Arsun (or you can call me "you're betch") and I am running a small business dedicated to beauty. 

How I started this business?

Well, my plan is to build my own skin care products and to acheive that, I will need to study Bachelor of Science in a university. While that is going, (if the university will give me my bachelor's degree) I built this business to gain knowledge and experience for my future endevours.


You know I thought to myself, there's not a lot of false eyelashes that are being produced as wispy as Mink lashes. Why not I should be the first one to produce them? Side Chick did the justice, giving lash extensions apperance in such an affordable price.

Here at Barbie Aesthetic, we produce affordable beauty products that we could possibly offer to help you enjoy your new looks and make you feel hotter than you already are. I hope to build our trust and believe in our work ethics. We'd love to see you enjoy our products and build your confidence with Barbie Aesthetic's accessories, that's why we built our small gallery. If you'd like to be featured on our website, send your best photo on our email, Instagram or Facebook. I hope to talk to you soon!


Signing out,

A Hustler